Relationships can be healed. Trauma’s can be transformed. Ruptures can be repaired. Love is no longer a mystery. A new science of romantic love has emerged through Emotion Focused therapy that creates lasting neurological changes that you can feel.

Research shows that the majority of couples need skills for their love to thrive. Most of us need tools to grow from falling in love to rising in love. In the absence of such tools, common relational speed bumps resulting from mis-aligned love languages, unhealed hurts, and cooling passions can result in angry protests, withdrawal and distance. I offer a hybrid of coaching - an abundance of educational resources for creating connection - and therapy when surgery of the heart is the path to healing. Of this I feel certain, that Love is the most courageous act we can extend. Every behavior is either an expression of love, or a call for love. At the heart of every behavior is our desire to meet a precious need. When empowered, conflict becomes the springboard to greater intimacy. Relationships are a most accelerated path for our growth for as we develop our capacity to authentically love ourselves and heal, we can more fully and joyfully extend this love in partnership. Though we may love imperfectly, it is through the lifelong adventure of Loving that we touch life’s greatest gifts within our heart and our body.

Unlock the mysteries of intimate connection to create happy, stable, passionate relationships. Couples therapy and Vibrant Intimacy workshops are available to activate the Fire of Love, and master the Science of Relationships.

“Your story is a symptom of an unmet need.”