Life brings challenges, and opportunities. Personal tragedies, depression, relationship conflict, anxiety, loss, addiction, stress - all are painful and can evoke feelings and reactions that may be challenging and difficult to navigate. Sustained hurts, sadness, fears and/or anger signal that one’s coping resources need strengthening and support.

Emotional healing is a process that involves being witnessed by another. When our pain is not seen or heard, we develop stories about ourselves, others, and about how life works. Through a shift in perspective that I can facilitate, these same problems can be seen as a catalyst to bring forth a rich reservoir of inner resources filled with strength, resiliency and power to create your life anew. “We all have the extraordinary encoded within us, waiting to be released” shares Jean Houston. I bring clarity to empower your concrete, steady growth in confidence, compassion, and self-mastery.

With over 30 years of experience, I have expertise in the following:

Depression and Anxiety, Stress and Addiction, Sexual Abuse and Trauma, Singleness and Dating, Grief and Loss, Personal Growth, Emotional Intelligence and Resiliency, and Life Purpose.

Feel free to reach out for a 20 minute free consultation by phone, to inquire about your needs, and determine that we are an optimal match.

~ It would be an honor to be a part of your healing journey ~