Love, God and Sex is a 9 week healing and transformative journey for women Awaken the body through somatic, sensory exercises.

Each week we will use breath, movement and powerful, state-of-the-art tools to explore, expand and express our Divine Birthright - our Erotic Truth.  We will walk the ISIS Wheel of Sexual Experience integrating the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our sexuality.  

The program  is divided into three cycles:
Re-Enter the Garden
~  Return to Innocence
~  Heal Shame, Secrets and Sense of Separation  
~  Integrate Spirituality and Sexuality  
~  Make peace with and love your sexual story. 

Dance With Your Beloved
~ Learn and practice Empowered, Effective Communication for    increased intimacy in all your relationships - In and Out of the   Bedroom.  
~  Better understand women and men's anatomy.
~  Discover the keys to sexual ecstasy!

 Activate Your Fire and Fragrance
~  Claim your Fire & Passion  
~  Awaken the body through dance & somatic, sensory exercises
~  Celebrate and own your Sacred Sexual Sizzle!

"Isn't the Pleasure of Sex one of God's Greatest Gifts to Humanity?"