“Greta’s thoughtful thinking, compassion and guidance helped me through one of the most devastating times in my life. My husband of seventeen years had an affair and fell in love with his AP. I was devastated and deeply heartbroken when I first met Greta. She listened with compassion as I talked in circles of confusion trying to make sense of what was happening and how to deal with it . Her keen ability to translate the meaning of my feelings and guidance on how to navigate through the various phases of healing and forgiveness were a critical part of my healing. With Greta’s guidance and support, I was able to make sense of my feelings and ultimately make a clear decision about my marriage. I found peace and happiness again not only in my marriage but within myself thanks to Greta. I am forever grateful to her and highly recommend her. ”

— LM, Los Angeles
“Since I was a teenager I grew up thinking that the way I was acting out my life was normal. It was...for a little boy who was abused by a priest at both a Boy Scout Camp and a Catholic University. My life was far from normal as I found out when I realized that abuse does this to people. Greta was the fourth therapist I went to in my life. All the others contributed in some way to my healing but it was she who cracked me open. I had seen many “healers” as well and none could even reach me. I had give up until Greta’s tenacious yet caring approach began to open me up. I went into the depths of pain and shame with her and came out a completely new person. Although there is still a lot of work to do my life has taken a dramatic upswing and I now love myself and behave that way. I would refer Greta as a therapist for any person who has experienced abuse in his life as a young person. She is helping me out of my lifetime of shame, blame and guilt. She is the best and I recommend her unconditionally.”

— JZ, Los Angeles
“Greta helped me get through a rough time when I was getting off alcohol and going through a divorce. During this dark and challenging time, I always felt safe and respected even when feeling most vulnerable. She believed in me, giving my heart strength to love again, and a mind set to manage the inner workings of my addictive compulsions. I learned where I leak my power and how to embody resources from within to create a life worth living. I highly recommend Greta as a guide, healer and therapist who both genuinely cares and has the expertise to navigate through the insufferable terrain of loss, confusion and heartache.”

— SW, Los Angeles
“Greta is a naturally gifted therapist. I felt heard and seen, while being offered safety, and an amazing array of practical skills and tools that I could implement immediately. As a result, the relationships in my life - and with myself – strengthened enabling me to navigate the challenges in my life with confidence and clarity. Thank you, Greta!”

— CS, Los Angeles
“Greta Hassel Grace is the consummate professional and a lovingly genuine practitioner. She helped me create “white combs and sweet honey from all my failures”. I found the courage to face my addiction, shed limiting patterns that gripped me by the jugular, and find the treasure buried in my pain. An experienced and gifted healer, you will want to see Greta to help you create the life you imagine. I am forever grateful.

— CH, Los Angeles