As A Sexual Coach

Our sexuality is a core part of our identity, as tender and vulnerable as is it powerful and liberating. Due to a culture of shame, our sex often develops in secret, getting impressed upon before adolescence, before our
conscious awareness. Whether through repressive messages, sexual abuse or trauma, guilt or shame, the truth is sexual pleasure is a gift to be embraced and restored as our birthright.

To learn how to cultivate our sensual, erotic self is one of the most powerful way to express our love. We all want to create masterpieces with our love. Sex is one of the ways. When our sexual selves are expressed in life-affirming ways, we feel vital, alive and transformed. Research shows that 40%of women and 50%of men will have a sexual problem in their lifetime. These issues in sexual performance, sexual desire, and/or lack of sexual information often have emotional, mental, physical or spiritual origins. My passion is to provide education and empowerment to couples and singles.

 Issues that I address include:

Sexless marriage, mismatched sexual templates, erectile difficulties, orgasm challenges, childhood abuse or trauma. Presence, courage to risk, curiosity, and openness to growth are a few of the qualities that can unlock and empower your most radiant sexual self.